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Grits have long been a staple of southern cuisine and are served for every meal although until recently breakfast was the most common.

This page covers some basic information about grits including grains and grinds.

Grains used in grits

Barley Grits
Barley grits are made from pearled or whole grain barley kernels that have been cut into tiny chunks. Has Sweet nut like flavor and a good source of dietary protein
This is the most common kind of grits, particularly in the southern US. It is made with stone ground corn.
Hominy Grits
Hominy grits are made by soaking corn in an alkali solution to remove the husks. With the husks gone, the corn kernels are ground to create hominy grits. Hominy grits are probably the most common form of grits in grocery stores.
Rice Grits
Rice grits, aka rice middlins, can be a breakfast, lunch, and dinner staple in every Southern kitchen.

Common grinds used to prepare grits

Instant Grits
These are pre-cooked and dehydrated. They cook very quickly but lose some of the flavor.
Quick Grits
These are ground finer and therefore cook more quickly than Stone Ground grits.
Stone Ground
This is the traditional method of grinding grits. It results In a coarse grit with a fairly long cooking time.