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Jackpot Grits is a perennial favorite at among those who have had it. This page is dedicated to make Jackpot Grits (and grits in general) more accessible to the world.

Join us for all your favorite grits news and recipes and, of course, to tell us about your grit kit and your bowls.


Jackpot Grits was invented in 2002 and served for the first time in December of that year. The goal was to create a breakfast with a lot of options. The official Jackpot Grits at that even called for 8 different toppings each of which had a 50% chance of being included in a particular serving. That meant there were 28 (or 256 possible dishes).

Most of the time, Jackpot Grits are served with a variety of sweet toppings and some food coloring as possible ingredients, but we've had savory grits before and so those are included here too.

Modern Grits

Grits have become much more trendy and so there are now a wide variety of packaged grits and grits recipes for every meal. Even though Jackpot Grits are mostly breakfast grits, we take all grits to be our realm.

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